Monday, December 7, 2015


Genesis 41:1−44:17

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton for Jewish Reconstructionist Communities

Joseph, the Favorite Son

Joseph, the dreamer and interpreter of dreams, is the son of a dreamer. It is no surprise that he is Jacob's favorite son. Young Jacob dreamed of a stairway reaching to heaven, traveled by angels. In a dream-like state, Jacob wrestled.

Yet Joseph's dreams of a heavenly connection are far more earth-bound in their implications. His dreams place him at the center of a universe in which every one in his sphere paid him homage, a scenario that was actualized, apparently, through his dream-interpretation skills for the Egyptian Pharaoh. As poet Ruth Brin, in her collection A Rag of Love, speaks the connections: "Joseph stood before the King of Egypt / as his father, Jacob had stood before the Wrestler."

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