Monday, November 9, 2015


Genesis 25:19−28:9

Rabbi Ellen Dannin for Jewish Reconstructionist Communities

Isaac - Digger of Wells

In Toldot, we come at last to Isaac's story. And this year we read it
as we enter the secular -- or at least non-Jewish -- equivalent to the
period that begins with Rosh HaShanah -- New Year's Day -- and
continues on through late summer/early autumn to Simchat Torah. Food
is, of course, associated with both observances, most notably, the
absence of food on Yom Kippur. The Jewish New Year observances begin
as summer, warmth, and growth give way to decline. For those of us in
the United States, this secular period begins as autumn is about to
give way to winter. It is a time of more dark than light with
Thanksgiving -- the ultimate day of gluttony -- and ends with New Year's
Day and the challenge of making and keeping resolutions to change.

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